SLAAM, Students Learning Athletics & Academics through Mentoring, was created to enhance skills and solidify fundamentals of student basketball athletes; helping them achieve their maximum potential. SLAAM Basketball is a 501(c)3 committed to educating and empowering their players with confidence, commitment and integrity, while instilling a code of ethics built on honesty, responsibility, commitment and team work.  SLAAM basketball hosts clinics headed by some of Pittsburgh’s top athletes and coaches, multiple weekly team practices, individual training sessions, and both a local and national tournament schedule tailored to meet the needs of each individual team.


In addition to the team experience, SLAAM recognizes that every child has different expectations regarding playing post high school. SLAAM’s staff is prepared to go the extra mile to help students reach their individual goals. Included but not limited to assisting with the college recruitment process through production of highlight videos, player marketing, and showcase tournament placement.


SLAAM teams are headed by dedicated, responsible, and knowledgeable coaches from across the region.  SLAAM Basketball is looking for dedicated basketball players who are willing take the next step. Unlike other leagues, SLAAM is not a pay to play league. It is the goal of SLAAM to put together a cohesive, well rounded, and COMPETITIVE team and teams will only be formed if this is possible. SLAAM will give players a discount on the cost for joining the league if he or she has made honor roll any time during the current year. We like to reward players that excel on the court as well as in the classroom. Tryouts will be in January and February. Prior to the season, SLAAM will be hosting a number of clinics, where we work on the dynamics of basketball.


SLAAM works to create a family environment while fielding teams that are competitive on a national stage.

SLAAM Player and Parent Code of Conduct

SLAAM Basketball Code of Conduct

Most people follow rules and act appropriately but occasionally some do not and that is why it is necessary to establish the SLAAM Girls Basketball code of conduct and expectations.


If I am a SLAAM player I will do my best to act at all times in a manner that brings credit to me, my family, my team and the SLAAM Basketball Family. I will respect my teammates, I will respect my coaches, I will respect my parents and most of all I will respect myself…


As Such, as a player…


  • I will always work hard, bring a good attitude to the court, support my teammates and my coaches and make sure that I am a positive influence on those around me. I understand that disappointments will occur and things will not always go my way, but those things will only make me hungrier and work harder to get to where I want to go.


  • I always will take responsibility for my own development. My coaches will give me the tools, teach me, motivate me and push me at practices and at games, but ultimately it is not their fault if I do not succeed or reach my goals, it is mine. I am the one who controls how high I can rise and how far I can go.


  • As part the SLAAM Basketball family, I will make sure I act appropriately both on and off the court at tournaments, at games, at practices and all school activities. I will not bully or be involved in hazing teammates, I will not talk trash and degrade opponents, I will not be involved in fights or dirty play. I will play hard, I will play physical and I will always play to win but I will play within the rules and make sure to exhibit good sportsmanship. This includes arguing with or disparaging referees even if I believe they are wrong. My job is to play and as a SLAAM Basketball player, that means always play with class.


  • I will refrain from using tobacco products, alcohol, or illegal drugs at any time. I understand that SLAAM BASKETBALL will not tolerate student‐athletes that the use alcohol, tobacco, or drugs. I understand that my involvement in those activities is grounds for disciplinary actions, which could range from immediate suspension and may include dismissal from the team.


  • I will appreciate the hard work of the coaches and my parents in providing me the opportunity to be the best player and person that I can be. I will not take for granted that my participation with the SLAAM Basketball Family is a privilege.


  • I will dedicate myself to this group and give my best efforts towards reaching my personal and team goals as I expect they will do for me. I will respect my teammates and will refrain  from criticizing them on the court or off. I will remain positive. I will not speak of my teammates, coach's, or schools in a derogatory manner and if I have concerns or problems I will speak with my parents, coach(es), and/or advocates to find a resolution.


  • I understand that playing time is earned, not guaranteed. All players will be given equal opportunity and instruction to earn their position, but it is up to me to put forth the effort. I understand that I must earn my position and time on the court by showing the will to compete, the desire to support my teammates on the floor, and the heart to do whatever it takes to give everything I have to the match.


  • I will be committed to my team and the school. I will make sure that I don’t take this opportunity for granted. That means I will do my best to be present at all team functions (practices, tournaments, meetings, special events, etc.) unless I receive prior permission from my Head Coach. I recognize that failure to meet my obligations to the team could result in reductions in playing time.


  • I realize things may come up that prevent me from participating in a team activity. However, if I must miss a practice, tournament, game or team event, the coach must be notified IN ADVANCE by both E‐mail and Phone (48 hours advance notice for a practice and one month advance notice for a game)


As a parent I will provide positive support, care and encouragement to my child, his/her teammates and coaches and SLAAM Basketball staff:

  • I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches and officials at every game or practice. I will not berate officials, I will not berate other players, I will not argue with decisions made by coaches during games. It is important that the SLAAM Basketball Family of players, siblings, and parents conducts itself with class and this is a goal I will encourage and do so by being a positive role model at games, practices and team functions.


  • I will place the emotional and physical well-being of my child ahead of my personal desire to win. I will also insist that my child play in a safe and healthy environment and if she is injured I will make sure she gets the proper medical care. I will do my best to remember that this is my child’s experience and that these games and practices are for the players and not the adults.


  • I will support coaches and officials working with my child, in order to encourage a positive and enjoyable basketball experience for all. I may not agree with everything that coaches say but I will refrain from injecting my thoughts on strategy, personnel decisions and techniques unless I am asked by the coach. I may have the credentials to be a world‐class coach but it is not relevant because my child is being coached by someone else, who is doing his or her best to help my child achieve her goals. As an extension to this I will not coach from the stands or the sidelines as it is a distraction that undermines my child’s coach’s authority and credibility. If I have issues with my child’s coach I recognize there are proper channels to take and the right time and way to approach him/her but that is not during the period right before or after a game, while the game is going on and certainly not in public.


  • I will demand a sports environment for my child that if free from drugs, tobacco products and alcohol. I understand fully if my child is involved in any of those activities she will disciplined by the club and may be dismissed. I will ask my child to treat other players, coaches, fans and officials with respect regardless of race, sex, creed or ability. Again, I will be a role model in these areas and will make sure to conduct myself with the proper decorum at all times.


  • I will also treat with respect other players, coaches, fans and officials. I will not harass, abuse, disrespect, or cause a disturbance against an opposing coach, player or official. I will not engage in back and forth or trash talk with other fans.


  • I understand that my behavior could have an effect on my child’s standing with the SLAAM Basketball Team, Organization and Family.



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