Thank you for joining SLAAM!   We can't wait to get practices started after the high school season ends.  Now that your are a member of the SLAAM FAMILY, here is what to expect next....

You have received a confirmation/registration email - with an offer for your daughter to join the SLAAM Family, cost, tentative tournament schedule and deposit information.  Please respond to this email within 72 hours so we can fill our teams and let other players make decisions on their futures in a timely manner...

Once you have confirmed your spot on a SLAAM roster and paid your deposit, please return to this page; click "Fill Out Player Bio", this will allow you to create your SLAAM Player Profile.  Please understand that your deposits are non-refundable, remember that we are holding a space that others want, so please honor that commitment.  This information will be used on team pages and the information will be sent to college coaches, so please be thorough. IF you are in 9th grade or older you must have an NCAA Player Profile registered with the NCAA and the NCAA eligibility Center, do not fill out twice, but please make sure you are in the NCAA database, also fill out the Recruitify bio, this helps your daughter be found on searches for most of the exposure tournaments coaches portals.  This page also includes a link to our pay portal so you can make your payments to the program. Also, for players in 9th grade forward we recommend you having a Twitter profile to help with your exposure to colleges, social media is a volatile place so please read the SLAAM Twitter policy for some guidelines on our expectations and ways to help you market yourself...

The SLAAM Family has a team/parent captain who helps the coach and the program with communication and coordination.  The team parent/Captain will send an email welcome, this welcome will also likely include information on travel to some of our upcoming tournaments - SLAAM families are also responsible for their coaches hotel accommodations at away tournaments, the parent captain will let the parents know how much that will be as soon as hotel booking becomes available.  We do it this way be the most transparent.  This time of year moves very fast - and then very slowly.  We are all excited and anxious to get going, however, most of our players are still involved with their School Teams, so be patient... 


In the month of February we do have some administrative things to take care of; there will be uniform fittings, pictures, and as travel schedules firm up, hotel reservations will need to be made, these responsibilities will be communicated to you through your team parent, coach and this website.  As schools are eliminated from local playoffs your coach may start scheduling open gym workouts for players, and full scale practices will start in early to mid-March (with full teams available as seasons end) and our first Tournament is traditionally late March or the first weekend in April.  While the excitement and anticipation of our competitive spring season can sometimes be to tempting, it is important to respect your body, it is ok to take a little time to rest between seasons, talk with your coach, the idea is for you and the teams to be at their best in July, not April, so please talk with your coach and be smart...

SLAAM teams will practice 2-3 days a week, and will play between 6-9 tournaments;  from 4-7th grade we keep our tournaments local/semi-local (2.5 hours radius from Pittsburgh).  8th - HS we play a National Schedule (East of the Mississippi), with between 1-5 local tournaments, and 3-6 travel tournaments.  The schedules will be tailored to the strength of the individual team.  High School teams will stay together through the July live recruiting periods, while the youth teams will end in May/June depending on individual team schedules.  As our tournament season ends, SLAAM off-season begins...

SLAAM coordinates workouts, training sessions, exposure events, team outings, community service and club bonding events throughout the year.  As a member of the SLAAM family you are now part of this network, welcome to our FAMILY.

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