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SLAAM Twitter Policy for Athletes


When coaches, recruiting staff, and scouts search for athletes on social media they look for some key information. Make sure to include the following in your profile:

·       Use your real name as a handle

·       Profile picture should be appropriate

               o   You should be easily recognizable in the photo

               o   Consider using a picture of you in your Slaam or high school uniform!

               o   Also consider having your team picture or something basketball related as your header picture

·       Make sure the following are listed in your profile bio in order to maximize exposure:

               o   Position

               o   High School and AAU Teams (tag the profile of the team)

               o   Graduation year

               o   Links to relevant sites (Hudl account, recruiting profile, etc.)


·       Make sure to follow your team account, your teammates, the main Slaam account (@slaambasketball), and other Slaam players and team accounts

               o   Retweet and like posts from Slaam accounts and your teammates! Let’s create a big buzz on twitter for our teams and program!  

·       Follow all coaches and team profiles of schools that you are interested in



What does it mean if a coach follows me online? There are multiple reasons. Usually, when a coach follows you, they are interested in finding out not only who you are as a player, but as a person too. According to Scott Frost, head coach of Nebraska Football: “That’s your resume to the world, that’s what you’re trying to tell the world you’re all about. That’s how you’re advertising yourself. Be smart with that stuff.”



Keep your profile clean! Avoid posting any kind of content that contains profanity, violence, drugs/alcohol, sexual content, gambling, etc. This applies to Retweets and Likes too! Retweets and even Likes will show up on your followers’ timelines. Coaches do not want to see inappropriate content, and they definitely don’t want to see recruits endorsing these kinds of things. Before you post, retweet, or like, think to yourself: “Do I want coaches to see this next to my name?”


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