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Geno Auriemma on Coaching Energy

“Big Difference between a really good player and a great player... Great players don’t get tired, when the good players get tired the great players kicks the rest that is the difference.” - Geno Auriemma

KB Performance Training

Craedel Kimbrough - Owner/Head Trainer

KB Performance Training operates out of the Crescent Shopping Center in Hopewell, PA.  KB specializes in training youth athletes - high school, with emphasis on the whole body while incorporating sports specific work.  They are dedicated to the development and growth of their athletes and love to work "miracles".  KB uses group trainings to foster competitive drive, teach accountability. develop leadership and build support mechanisms.  KB will push your limits, while making you a better athlete and teammate.

Contact Craedel at 724-777-1912

Abby Lee Dance Studio - Elite Fitness Training

An elite athlete is defined by how much they work for it! You can have excuses or results! You can’t have both. It doesn’t matter what team you're on, you need strength and agility to fulfill your dream!


Football players, dancers, soccer players, basketball stars, if you're a hard working athlete we have strength and conditioning for you all !! Abby Lee Dance Company, is MORE than a dance studio! We are Building Stars!




Everyone is welcome! Come ready to take your training to the next level!

Bring a friend! Cost $25


Abby Lee Dance Co., 7123 Saltsburg Road, Penn Hills, PA 15235 - 412-225-8093

Tim Cortazzo - Owner/Lead Trainer

As a successful athlete and through the many years of training and working with athletes, Tim Cortazzo envisioned an environment that would be conducive to assisting athletes in reaching their full potential.  Using his knowledge, energy, endless enthusiasm, and passion for Sports Performance, FSQ (First Step Quickness) was founded.

FSQ is designed to provide a positive performance atmosphere from our “Youth Training” program to the “Professional Athlete” program. Our goal is to develop the athlete using tools beneficial in improving speed, power, and lateral movement. Our participants train in age specific groups while emphasizing the importance of individual responsibility and commitment to their own development. Workouts are designed utilizing specific drills and exercises that help each individual reach their training goals. FSQ believes that all athletes need to be directed toward a path that enables them to be successful. Our programs utilize the basic fundamental skills needed to assist the athlete in maximizing their genetic and athletic potential.

123 Murrysville Road
Trafford, PA 15085
Email: info@fsqsportstraining.com
Phone: 724-493-0341

Akeem Robinson - Owner / Lead Trainer

Akeeme Robinson, who is affectionately known as "Coach Keem," is the owner of Coach Keem F&P LLC and (Fitness & Performance) manager of the Coach Keem Brand.  He is a certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach through The American Council on Exercise (ACE). He is certified in Nutrition Coaching and Sports Training by International Sports Science Association (ISSA).  He is currently one of the youngest high school football coaches in Western Pennsylvania, currently serving as Defensive Coordinator at Serra Catholic and entering with multiple years of experience as The Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for High School Athletes. He is known as a mentor, a leader, and motivational speaker along side of being a coach and personal trainer. Coach Keem focuses on functional movements and overall fitness for all; and specializes in strength training, weight loss and management training, sports specific training, and functional fitness for senior citizens.

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21 Yost Blvd

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15221

Email Us: slaambasketball@gmail.com

Phone : 412-475-1294

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