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SLAAM Basketball has established itself as one of the top and most respected club organizations in not only Pennsylvania but nationally. SLAAM Basketball chooses to remain independent of shoe affiliation, this freedom allows us to schedule the most competitive schedule without the mandatory scheduling burden shoe affiliations impose.  SLAAM Basketball provides our players with a tremendous platform to develop their individual skills, compete against the best competition and participate on elite level teams while providing a more diverse opportunity for our athletes growth and exposure. Our program fees  when comparing the full spectrum of offerings, club vs club, is unmatched.

Program fees are announced annually in your offer letter after tryouts. We will have multiple tiers based upon tournament schedule, amount of travel, etc.   Fees include uniform fees.  Each team is responsible for the coaches lodging fees for travel tournaments.  These fees are coordinated by the team parent captain.  We do this to keep our fees as transparent as possible.

This has proven to be the best way for us to share information and to ensure that our price points are accurate and as low as possible.
Thank you in advance for understanding.

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