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SLAAM, which stands for Students Learning Athletics & Academics through Mentoring, was created to enhance the skills and solidify the fundamentals of student athletes, helping them to reach their maximum potential. By joining SLAAM Football, you are afforded the full Football 7 on 7 experience – Football clinics headed by some of Pittsburgh’s top athletes and coaches, multiple weekly team practices, individual training sessions, and both a local and national tournament schedule tailored to meet the needs of each individual team.


In addition to the team experience, SLAAM recognizes that every child has different expectations regarding playing post high school. SLAAM staff is prepared to go the extra mile to help students reach their individual goals, having the contacts and skills to assist with the college recruiting process (included but not limited to highlight film production, player marketing, and showcase tournament placement).


SLAAM teams are headed by dedicated, responsible, and knowledgeable coaches from across the region.  SLAAM Football is looking for dedicated football players who are willing take the next step. Unlike other leagues, SLAAM is not a pay to play league. It is the goal of SLAAM to put together a cohesive, well rounded, and COMPETITIVE team and teams will only be formed if this is possible. SLAAM will give players a discount on the cost for joining the league if he has made honor roll the previous semester. We like to reward players that excel on the court as well as in the classroom. Tryouts will be in January and February. Prior to the season, SLAAM will be hosting a number of clinics, where we work on the dynamics of football.


Mike Logan, Chris Edmonds, and Jamal Woodson are dedicated to enhancing and promoting our athletes. We go above and beyond to make sure every player gets the attention the deserve. "Too many coaches are not teaching fundamentals correctly, it is time for a change," Chris Edmonds said eagerly. Jamal adds, "Its not only time for a change, it's time to act on it." 

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