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SLAAM understands that their are a lot of basketball trainers out there.  Social Media and the internet prove that there are a ton of options, the list below are people and organizations that we have worked with and have a proven track record of helping athletes improve and helping them become the best players they can be.

Remember to not mistake:              Activity for Achievement!
When you are in the gym this off-season, focus on details and discipline. There are plenty of players that spend countless hours in the gym, but do not force themselves to be detailed. Shooting 500 shots is not enough. Shooting 500 shots the right way, at game speed is what you need. Dribbling the ball for 10 minutes a day is not enough. Focusing on your posture, your force, your eyes, and your quickness is what you need.    - Coach Brodzinski
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Maximum Hoops

Steve Brodzinski

Maximum Hoops is a player development organization. Using an Old School approach, Coach Steve Brodzinski & his staff, demand high levels of concentration & effort on every repetition! No Gimmicks, Just hard work, attention to detail, along with EXPERT TEACHING & COACHING!

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I AM Possible Training

Nick Ionadi

Grass Roots Player Development, with a proven track record of making players better. Footwork, body position, and timing are the bedrock of effective basketball motion. Nick explains the how's and the why's and trains with a clear direction and goal for each player.

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424 Athlete Factory

John Aitken

The 424 Athlete Factory is Pittsburgh's premier shooting facility and sports performance center! Our team is dedicated to building a culture that empowers athletes of all ages & abilities to reach their fullest potential!

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Fadeaway Fitness

Jeremy Hayes

Fadeaway Fitness is a company that specializes in skill development workouts for the game of basketball. Also, as a private trainer holding workouts for all athletes looking to improve speed and agility, strength and conditioning, balance and control, and nutrition for pre-season, in-season, and off-season athletes.

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