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Remember to not mistake:              Activity for Achievement!
​When you are in the gym this off-season, focus on details and discipline. There are plenty of players that spend countless hours in the gym, but do not force themselves to be detailed. Shooting 500 shots is not enough. Shooting 500 shots the right way, at game speed is what you need. Dribbling the ball for 10 minutes a day is not enough. Focusing on your posture, your force, your eyes, and your quickness is what you need.    - Coach Brodzinski

Pete Strobl - Director

Upon retiring from playing nine seasons in the European Leagues, Pete Strobl recognized a need for advanced skills training in Pittsburgh. He founded The Scoring Factory in 2009 as an answer to that demand. Our first home was the historic Market House on Pittsburgh’s eclectic South Side before spending several years based in the historic fifth floor gymnasium of the PAA in Oakland. Since outgrowing that space, The Scoring Factory now operates in numerous gyms around Pittsburgh with multiple satellite locations.

The coaching team has grown to include experts in all facets of basketball as well as full body training in speed, strength, explosiveness and sport specific yoga. Over the years our alumni have played their way to successful high school, college and pro careers, making The Scoring Factory a destination to agents and recruiters at the international level.

From the ACC to the Big 10 to the WAC, The Scoring Factory has worked with student-athletes from virtually every division 1 conference in the NCAA. At the professional level, The Scoring Factory alumni have competed in twenty-five countries all over the world.

Pittsburgh’s Triple Threat Training was established in 2011 by Terence Parham and Jamal Woodson. Triple Threat Training is home to athletes dedicated to perfecting their skill and raising their game performances through focused instruction and competitive play

We at Triple Threat Training believe that the game of basketball is different than many others. When played properly it can truly become a masterpiece. It is our belief that future success in basketball hinges on the early development of fundamentals, and on building an environment that encourages freedom and creativity at earlier ages. With the right fundamental knowledge, people of all skill levels can enjoy the game.


Players need to take advantage of every opportunity to improve their skills. This is done not only through the Triple Threat high intensity training sessions, but also through their perspective team practices as well. The skills that are taught by Triple Threat training are done so under the direction of top-notch instructors. It is our hope that we are giving players the foundation they need to excel at the middle school, high school, college, and for some, the pro-level.


Achieving success not only on the basketball court, but also throughout one’s life, is dependent on a solid foundation and commitment to hard work. Our motto at Triple Threat Training is “Anything worth having is worth working for”. Players must remember excelling at anything in life takes great effort and sacrifice.

Contact Terence at:  412-853-8433

SS Simon & Jude Catholic Parish

1607 Greentree Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15220

What is Maximum Hoops?

Maximum Hoops is a player development organization. Using an “Old School” approach, Coach Steve Brodzinski & his staff, demand high levels of concentration & effort on every repetition! No Gimmicks – Just hard work, attention to detail, along with EXPERT TEACHING & COACHING! 


Our mission at Maximum Hoops, is to instill confidence in every player, and focus on qualities that will ensure success both on and off of the court. Maximum Hoops player development focuses on improving you as a person, not just basketball player. We work with athletes of all ages, genders, and ability levels.

With an emphasis on MASTERING THE FUNDAMENTALS, along with implementing advanced teaching & coaching based on actual experience, Maximum Hoops will help you build a rock solid foundation. 



Maximum Concentration + Maximum Effort = Maximum Results 

Micah Mason - Owner/Trainer

424 Gold Way,
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

To become a great scorer it takes focus, technique and a commitment to developing your skill set. Mason Elite Hoops is the premiere basketball development facility in Western Pennsylvania dedicated to developing the shooting skills for athletes of all ages.  For years, we've worked closely with athletes to develop the fine points of shooting and ball handling to ensure their game is at it's best when it's time to perform.


Whether you're a young aspiring athlete trying to develop ball handling skills or a varsity player looking to increase your scoring capability, Mason Elite Hoops has the workout to help you achieve your goals. Check out Mason Elite Hoops in action!

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